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Michigan Businesses For Sale

Please find below a partial list of our acquisition opportunities. Due to certain sellers’ preferences, not all of our exclusive business opportunities are listed. If you are seeking a specific opportunity, please feel free to let us know your search parameters using the contact us section of this website.


High Cash Flowing Plastic Extrusion Business

JANUARY 20, 2022
This long-time family-owned plastic extrusion business has been a model of consistent performance over its 45+ years of extruding parts. That lengthy and impressive history is due in part to the business being managed by the same family members for m...
Cash Flow: $230,000
Northeast Indiana
Manufacturing, Manufacturing - Plastic Extrusion
Steve Kandt

Profitable Hardware Store with Large B to B Trade

DECEMBER 18, 2021
We are pleased to offer a successful, well-established (i.e. in continuous operation “forever”) West Michigan hardware store. This iconic business leases a late model 6,000 square foot facility (with a 6,000 square foot basement) on a 1/2 acre pl...
Cash Flow: $210,000
West Michigan
Mike Greengard

Successful Biz with Mfg, Dist, and Service Profit Centers

OCTOBER 05, 2021
The owner of this excellent 35 year old business purchased it 12 years ago. Now, after years of strong results he is debt free and has enjoyed regular W-2 income of $100,000 annually. To complete his “life plan,” he plans to sell his business and...
Cash Flow: $200,000
West Michigan
Services B2B
Mike Greengard

Established, Profitable, Value Priced Hardware Store

SEPTEMBER 21, 2021
It has been a great 10 year run for the owner-operator of this venerable, profitable hardware store which offers product combinations not seen elsewhere in Michigan. Established over 50 years ago this store is a fixture in its desirable Southeast Mi...
Cash Flow: $170,000
Southeast Michigan
Mike Greengard

Quality Child Care Center, Highly Profitable

AUGUST 18, 2021
Currently on waitlist. We are pleased to offer an outstanding opportunity to purchase an existing well-run childcare business, with a history of over 35 years. This center is one of the largest, and most respected providers in the area. Licensed fo...
Cash Flow: $402,000
Glen Toadvine

The Deal of the Century-SOLD

AUGUST 17, 2020
After a great 25(+) year run, the founder/owner of this very successful West Michigan landmark café and full service restaurant has some health issues which require him to sell his business – now. Here’s what he has for sale and the terms of a ...
Cash Flow: $343,000
West Michigan
Mike Greengard

Two Very High Cash Flowing Specialty Stores-SOLD

JULY 20, 2020
If a West Michigan retailer (specializing in make your own cigarettes, cigars, CBD products, glass, accessories and the like) with two, well-located, attractive stores in desirable communities with minimal rent, sane hours, and an annual SDE (seller'...
Cash Flow: $270,000
West Michigan
Mike Greengard

Profitable, Value Priced Manufacturer with Niche Product Line-SOLD

FEBRUARY 18, 2020
Please note: This business remains open and fully operational because of exemption from the Governor’s Covid19 executive order as a critical supplier to the defense industry. It has been a great 25 year run for the founder/owner/seller of this pro...
Cash Flow: $150,000
Southwest Michigan
Mike Greengard

Profitable ACE Hdwe w/Property & Large Seller-SOLD

FEBRUARY 12, 2020
After a fun, helpful, and profitable 35 years spent owning and operating this successful, small town nationally branded hardware sore, the owner has decided to sell his business and retire to warmer climates after an ample transition period to a new ...
Cash Flow: $85,000
West Michigan
Miles Greengard

Very Profitable Spray Foam Insulation Business-SOLD

JUNE 03, 2019
After a great 15 year run in the spray foam insulation business, the owner plans to sell his successful and highly profitable West Michigan company to a new owner-operator and retire after an adequate transition period for the buyer. The business is...
Cash Flow: $215,000
West Michigan
Mike Greengard