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More than 300 Michigan businesses sold in the past 15 years resulting in $1,000,000,000 of transaction value to Praxis business owner clients

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Team photo of Mike Greengard, Glen Toadvine and Steve Kandt

Six unique 4th quarter closings

Please find below a link to a very interesting article from the Feb 8th Grand Rapids Business Journal discussing six, unique 4th quarter successful Praxis Business Brokers closings.

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We Get the Best Results for Our Clients

When my brother and I thought about selling our Machine Tool Shop after 35 years in business, we were referred to Steve Kandt and Praxis Business Brokers by our CPA, and what a great referral that was. Steve was very quick to meet with us and laid out the process of selling a business…. there was absolutely no pressure. Once we decided to put it on the market, Steve took over and began the valuation process, listing, and vetting of potential buyers which allowed us to concentrate on running day to day operations. When a buyer was found, the transaction went very smoothly and we were satisfied with the terms. Throughout the entire process from day one, Steve presented himself very professionally and without false or misinformation. We were even told by the buyer's banker at closing that Praxis is one of the few, legitimate Business Brokers out there. If you want a fast-talking broker wearing a 3 piece suit, you better look elsewhere because Steve is very humble and down to earth man who will always work in your best interest.

Steve... thanks for your efforts and professionalism

Mike and Dave Bergmann

Berg Tool, Inc.

I would like to thank you for your commitment, professionalism, and experience in selling my steel firm. I always felt a steel fabrication / erection business would be hard if not impossible to sell. Your approach was great for a 25-year-old firm. I was impressed by your ability to place a valuation on different aspects of the company such as inventory, stock material and ongoing contracts. Your help in evaluation and your attention to detail at times was extraordinary. As a result, we were able to provide a buyer with solid figures and receive the highest value for all aspects of the company. Your ability to bundle the business, inventory, and equipment made this a great experience. Add in the value of your professional relationships, realtors, attorneys, bankers etc. who pitched in to follow through with the process of selling / buying the business. Your ability to structure a deal so it was a win-win situation was crucial. You made me comfortable and confident of what we were selling and the purchaser confident of what they were purchasing.

If ever I were to be in the market to sell or buy – you would be my guy.

Mike Dimet

Vertex Steel

Sam and I really enjoyed working with you. The sale of a business can easily get bogged down, and especially so in an uncertain time like this past year. You really educated us about the process. You used your years of experience to show us what the business was worth. You filtered through the responses of interested parties and then helped us to settle down to a serious buyer. You guided us through the always difficult negotiations until we came to the finish line. It is so nice to have a trusted, experienced guide for something as important as selling a business. We have already recommended you to others.

Gary Courtright & Sam Simmons

Owners of S & C Plastic Coatings

I purchased my business in Aug. 2010 and sold it Sept. 2020. Mike Greengard was the business broker for both transactions. What is significant in these transactions is the purchase occurred during a recession and the sale occurred during a pandemic. In any buyer/seller agreement there are challenges between the multiple parties and it is up to the broker to complete the sale and overcome the hurdles thrown at him. Mike Greengard was able to complete the Purchase/Sale of the business given these two major hurdles that are unprecedented in normal times. Mike's knowledge of all aspects of business; banking, finance, taxes, inventory, business valuation, etc. coupled with his knowledge of the people side of business is what makes him a true asset to a potential buyer or seller.

Robert Golub

Owner of Ziebart of Lansing

Experienced Business Brokers

The business brokers at Praxis have over 35 years of combined business brokerage experience and over a century of “real world” business experience. We have lived and breathed your side of business so we respect, understand, and appreciate what you do and what you have accomplished. At Praxis, we have successfully completed more than 100 transactions. We will be pleased to give you a comprehensive list of pleased business sellers.

Business broker, casually dressed with a pen signing an agreement
You can be confident with Praxis as we believe in complete confidentiality

Confidentiality and Our Offices

We believe that complete confidentiality is our first job. Our business model protects you from employees, customers, competitors, suppliers, and bankers learning about your contemplated business sale until you are ready for them to know. We offer business owners and business buyers a completely confidential process while exploring selling or buying a business.

The Praxis offices are an ideal location for private meetings. We are located in a free standing, conveniently located office building in a large office park. There are no other financial or transactional tenants in our building. As such, we can offer complete privacy and confidentiality to both our existing and potential clients in which to explore selling or buying a business.

Finally, we understand you might not be available during normal business hours to discuss a contemplated sale of your business. Praxis brokers are available by cell phone, through emails, via fax, and/or through live operators at our 24/7 call center. Meetings can be scheduled after hours and/or on weekends. We can meet in our offices, at your business site, or a “neutral” location (such as a coffee shop). We recognize your comfort throughout the process of transitioning your business in an integral component of our success.


Consultations are always without charge or obligation, and Praxis operates exclusively on success fees. That means there are no upfront fees or charges. We are paid at the closing table, just like the business seller.

Worry free consiltations without a charge or obligation
Michigan business brokers ready to take your call

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To learn more about how Praxis Business Brokers can help you, please call, fax or go to the contact us section of this website to send us an email.

Frequently asked questions

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What Fees Do You Charges Business Sellers?
Praxis Business Brokers works exclusively on a success fee (commission) basis. We receive our one and only payment at the closing of the sale of your business. And unlike most business brokers we receive no upfront fees, no monthly fees, and nothing post-closing. Our goal is to be your (little) partner in the sale of your business - the better we do for you, the better we do for ourselves.
How Much Are Your Fees?
Our success fee (commission rate) never exceeds 10%, and on larger transactions can be as low as 3.5%. We quote your commission rate at the time we present you our no charge – no obligation business valuation which is of course before a listing agreement is signed.



A World Record?

On September 2nd (2020), Praxis Business Brokers owner, Michael Greengard, sold the successful automotive aftermarket business, Ziebart of Lansing, for the fourth time in 14 years.

Each seller engaged Mike as his exclusive business broker after having purchased the Ziebart of Lansing through Mike 1-10 years earlier. We are delighted to report that all parties were pleased with the outcomes from both their buying and selling this business.

Mike, who is not a young man, laments that with the 35 year old buyer, his streak of four consecutive sales of the same business will likely end with this recent transaction. He is OK with that as long as the brand new buyer is as successful with Ziebart of Lansing as all the previous owners were.


A Day To Remember...

The 2nd of December (2019) was a day to remember at Praxis Business Brokers. On that Monday, Praxis owner Michael Greengard enjoyed a truly unique accomplishment:

  • Two unrelated businesses were sold that day by the respective business's founders/owners who:
    • Are both women
    • Are unrelated to each other
    • Sold completely different businesses
    • Are 30 years apart in age
    • Lived next door to each other in East Grand Rapids
  • The buyers are:
    • Both women
    • Both first time business owners
    • Both Kent County residents
  • We are pleased to report that 10 weeks later:
    • Both businesses are flourishing
    • The buyers are thrilled with their acquisitions
    • One seller has already moved (permanently) to Florida
    • The other seller is enjoying a well-earned life of leisure in West Michigan

How fun and gratifying was that for Mike and Praxis Business Brokers!


Check It Out...

Take a look at our updated list of over 100 tombstones (completed sales announcements) under the "Completed Transactions" dropdown and an impressive list of business owners (under "News and Articles") delighted with the successful efforts of Michael Greengard (owner of Praxis Business Brokers) in selling their businesses.


Praxis Celebrates 15th Anniversary

The Brokers of Praxis celebrate 15 years in business brokerage with over 300 completed transactions. To learn how Praxis can help you sell or buy a business, please contact us for a no charge, no obligation consultation.


Record Month for New Listings...

Praxis is pleased to report that in November 2018, ten new listings were added to our portfolio of businesses for sale. The two largest new listings averaged $7.0 million (listing price), and the next three averaged $2.5 million. There were also five smaller listings averaging just under $500,000 each. All in all, in November we added nearly $25.0 million of new listings for our active business buyers to consider.


Fastest Sale Ever?

Kudos to long time Praxis broker Glen Toadvine who on July 2nd, 2019 closed on the sale of a business he listed only 16 days earlier - a Praxis record for sure and maybe an all-time record for the fastest business sale ever to a previously unknown buyer.

In June, the owner of a successful SE Michigan service business died suddenly. The deceased's attorney recognized that the business must be sold quickly to avoid a deterioration in value. The solution? Call Praxis broker Glen Toadvine who has a long history of successfully responding to challenges of business transactions of all sorts. 16 days later the business was under the new ownership of a corporate buyer from Ohio.

If you want to explore the challenges of selling your business, we suggest you call Glen at 734-929-9032 or email him at [email protected].


4 Closings in 4 Days - a week for the ages!

We will long remember the week of June 1st, 2016. On Monday of that week, a Lansing design and build business was sold to a Tennessee private equity group. On Tuesday, a West Michigan professional firm was purchased by a strategic buyer from Berrien County. On Wednesday, a Grand Haven financial buyer closed on the purchase of an attractive metal fabrication business, and on Thursday, an Oceana County strategic buyer purchased a large wholesale/retail distribution business. In total, well over $20,000,000 of deal value was delivered to our four seller clients. To learn how you can join our growing list of satisfied sellers, please contact a Praxis broker to schedule a confidential, no-charge, no obligation meeting.