Manufacturer of Branded Equipment-Plastic Industry – SOLD

Contact: Glen Toadvine
Phone: 734-929-9032
Email: [email protected]
Your Reference ID: GT1090519


This venerable Michigan manufacturer of material conveyance systems has been going strong for 70 years, and with the owners now at retirement age, they look forward to an orderly transition of their successful business to new owner-operators.

The company’s 28 experienced, loyal, long-time employees design, engineer, manufacture, sell, and install proprietary lines of equipment across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Installations range from single pieces of equipment to entire bulk resin systems with $1,000,000 price tags.

The equipment product lines are continuously re-engineered and refined resulting in products which are best in class and the most efficient on the market today. The degree of sophistication of the products has created a huge barrier to entry for would be competitors.

The company operates out of a late model 23,600 square foot facility which can be leased at market rates or purchased in a separate transaction for $1,400,000.

Over the past four years, the company, aided by repeat customers (some for literally decades), has maintained consistent annual revenues of $5,000,000. New business opportunities are generated by the company’s captive sales team and supplemented by independent sales representatives. Customers range in size from small shops to Fortune 500 companies.

4-year average revenue $5.3 million
4-year average EBITDA $.37 million

To learn more about this outstanding niche manufacturing opportunity (including pricing and deal terms), please contact Glen Toadvine (

Other Information:
Revenue has ranged from $4.7-6.6 million over the previous 5 years.

Location(s): MI, Michigan

Asking Price: $1,700,000
Gross: $4,700,000

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