Our Company

Praxis Business Brokers typically represents business owners whose entities generate revenues from $250,000 to $20 million. Praxis handles transactions in a broad range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, services, retail, e-commerce, franchise resales, and others.

Praxis works with and educates prospective buyers on the cost and availability of appropriate businesses and regularly engages in strategic searches for qualified buyers. Regardless of whom we represent or what we are selling, Praxis brokers make confidentiality a top priority. With over 100 successfully completed transactions to our credit, we have not had a single breach of confidentiality, a record for which we are very proud.

Our name “Praxis” was selected because of the history our brokers have with respect to bringing buyers and sellers to the closing table. The dictionary definition of “Praxis” is indeed appropriate: the practice, as distinguished from theory, of applying knowledge and skills. When sellers and buyers want to “get it done,” Praxis Business Brokers is a great partner to have.

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