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Very Profitable, Seasonal Manufacturer of Specialty Frozen Desserts

MAY 17, 2020

It has been a great 35 year run for the founder-owner-seller of this small, very profitable niche manufacturer of high quality, branded, proprietary, specialty, frozen novelty dessert products.

The fully equipped, debt-free business operates from a free-standing, 3,000 square foot building (owned by the seller) located in a desirable mid-Michigan city. The real estate is available under a favorable lease or through a possible purchase in a separate transaction. This seasonal business currently operates for six months annually, from mid-April through mid-October.

The business has no W-2 employees. Instead the company employs a handful of part-time seasonal help (generally college students) on an as needed basis. The business has two profit centers: (1) wholesale sales to regional distributors, most of whom have been customers for many years, and (2) event sales in which the company presents products off site for sale or for private and corporate gatherings. All equipment for off site events is included in the sales price.

The business generates nearly $100,000 of SDE (the normalized, historical cash flow available to pay an owner-operator and service debt) during the six month season.  This is accomplished by the owner typically working on average only 15 hour weeks (400 hours annually).

Over the past decade the owner has treated this entity as a life-style business. With its fun and delectable products coupled with secret formulas and trademarked brands, this high margin business is ripe for meaningful growth for a new owner who wants to conduct a nominal amount of sales and marketing activities.

The business is listed for $349,000 and comes with all fixed assets (which have an estimated value in place of $80,000) and $15,000 of inventory. The company’s attractive website is just one of many intangibles included in the sale. The seller envisions an asset sale in which he keeps cash and A/R while retiring all liabilities. Additionally, the seller will carry a high five figure seller note for a qualified buyer, and post-sale, the owner plans to give the buyer a generous period of transition training (included in the sales price).

For more information on this business which would make a great add-on for a strategic buyer or a wonderful purchase as a family business, please contact Mike Greengard.

Contact information

Mike Greengard
Asking $349,000
Cash flow $100,000
Reference ID MG1051620
Location(s) Mid-Michigan
Categories Wholesale Food