Very Successful Designer and Builder of Plastic Injection Molds

Contact: Mike Greengard
Email: [email protected]
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For 35 consecutive years, this attractive, business has had two reliable, solid, profit centers:

  1. Designing and Building Molds for the Plastic Injection Molding Industry
  2. Specialty Machining of Short Run Parts for a Variety of Industries

While it has been a great run for the founder-owner-seller, he now plans a gradual slowdown after transitioning his business to only its second owner.

The company is housed in a functional, freestanding 6,000 square foot facility in a desirable West Michigan community. The highly favorable rent is only 2.5% of revenues. There are six well compensated non-union employees (including the founder-owner-seller) working a single shift. The business has literally no employee turn-over.

The company comes with a wealth of machinery and handling equipment including 8 CNC machines, a number of manual machines, 2 overhead cranes and lots of engineering (software, hardware, 2 WorkNC tool pathing seats, 2 Cimatron Cad system seats, and a WorkNC Cad system seat), all of which are included in the sales price. Also included in the purchase price is a nominal amount of finished goods inventory and WIP which typically have a combined value approximating $70,000, which when added to the fixed assets combined estimated value in place of $650,000, provide a buyer with a very strong collateral position to help secure a meaningful bank loan while minimizing future capex requirements.

The business records average annual revenues of $1,200,000 comprised of sales to a Who’s Who of the West Michigan manufacturing community. There is no customer concentration. The impressive normalized annual EBITDA is averaging nearly $300,000, and with the business listed at $1,070,000, the EBITDA multiple is a highly attractive 3.6x for this asset rich business. In addition, to insure bankability, the seller will offer a qualified buyer as much as a $150,000 seller note with favorable terms.

The seller is expecting an asset sale in which he retains cash and accounts receivable while retiring all liabilities. The buyer, in addition to receiving the goodwill of the business, will get the entire impressive array of fixed assets, engineering items, inventory and WIP.

To learn more about this outstanding, cash-flowing, niche business, please contact Mike Greengard (



Other Information:
Housed in a freestanding 6,000 sf ft facility in a desirable West Michigan community.

Location(s): West Michigan

Asking Price: 1,070,000
Cash Flow: 300,000
Gross: 1,200,000
Inventory: 70,000

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