High Cash Flowing Small and Large Vehicle Towing Business

Contact: Glen Toadvine
Phone: 734-929-9032
Email: [email protected]
Your Reference ID: GT1100417


Over its 40-year history, this business has evolved into one of the largest towing businesses in the region. The company has a fleet of more than 20 towing vehicles ranging from small units for automobiles to very large equipment that can easily tow tractor-trailers. Many of the units are late models (2015 and 2016) with all the equipment appraised at $1,660,000.

There is a manager in place supervising a seasoned and well-trained staff.

The company has many contracts with municipalities, insurance companies, and AAA.

Located in a very nice 7,000 square foot facility (on a three-acre site) the business is centrally located on a heavily traveled road near a major highway. The lighted storage area is fenced, locked, and paved. This facility may be leased from the seller or purchased in a separate transaction for $600,000.

It is not surprising that the company flourishes seasonally during winters with significant snowfalls. Note: 2016 had a mild winter – see below.

Year       Revenue              EBITDA

2016       $4,100,000              $800,000

2015       $4,030,000           $1,040,000

2014       $4,320,000           $1,220,000

2013       $4,500,000           $1,340,000

Please note that potential buyers will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and individual buyers will be required to demonstrate the financial strength to consummate a purchase. To learn more about this outstanding opportunity please contact Glen Toadvine (glen@praxisbusinessbrokers.com).

Location(s): Metro Detroit

Asking Price: $3,000,000
Cash Flow: $1,100,000
Gross: $4,200,000

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