Why Choose Praxis Business Brokers?

The business brokers at Praxis bring a high level of professionalism and a history of success to the process of business transactions. Providing experienced counsel, Praxis brokers help both sellers and buyers navigate the requisite activities and details of a business sale. In short, our brokers provide guidance in all aspects of the selling process. With over 100 successful closings, we encourage you to peruse a partial display of our tombstones which can be accessed on a drop menu elsewhere on our website. And with so many successful transactions, we can furnish prospective clients a comprehensive reference list of literally dozens of business sellers and professional advisors who have seen our team in action or benefitted first hand from our knowledge and professionalism.

Praxis intermediaries understand the importance of maintaining a positive and transparent relationship between seller and buyer during what unfortunately can become a long and stressful trip between the first meeting of seller and buyer and the consummation of the sale at the closing table. Additionally, Praxis brokers take great care throughout the process to insure that strict confidentiality is maintained thus avoiding the possibility of employees, customers, vendors, bankers, and/or competitors learning prematurely of the contemplated transaction.

Finally, through it trusted network of knowledgeable professional advisors, Praxis Business Brokers can provide sellers and buyers access to experienced legal, financial, funding, and tax planning resources..

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