Buying a Business

Whether you are (a) buying a business as a first time business buyer; (b) looking for another business to purchase; or (c) a strategic buyer looking for a very specific business, the brokers at Praxis can help.

A combination of our published, exclusive business listings; our exclusive, unpublished listed businesses, and our proprietary method of locating specific business opportunities means that Praxis Business Brokers can find your ideal business.

When we locate a business opportunity that appeals to you as a prospective buyer, we will work with you so that you understand the business and its financial statements. We will also give you assistance in learning about the industry in which the business operates. We will walk you through the business valuation process so that you understand how the listing price was determined. All contact and communication will be done with total transparency while protecting the confidential nature of the contemplated business transaction.

When you are ready, we will introduce you to the owner/seller of the business and take you through the operation. If you would like, we will be glad to introduce you to appropriate professionals such as CPA’s, lawyers, bankers, retirement rollover specialists, and the like, who can help you make sure that the business opportunity is right for you.

As you proceed through the initial stages of buying a business, we will discuss prospective deal terms that we feel will be attractive to you and which will be acceptable to the seller and prospective lenders. Once a letter of intent is executed and in place, we will help you as you go through the due diligence stage, and we will make sure that all contingencies in the letter of intent are satisfied. In short, we will work with you every step of the way from introducing you to the business opportunity all the way to the closing table and beyond as the business transitions to your new ownership.

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